Denzel Curry Blazes Through Lil Durk’s “AHHH HA” On L.A. Leakers Freestyle

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Denzel Curry raps over Lil Durk & Jeezy instrumentals during his L.A. Leakers freestyle.


It’s been a fruitful year in rap so far with plenty of incredible releases including Denzel Curry’s Melt My Eyez See Your Future. The latest from the Florida rapper arrived in March with appearances from 6lack, JID, Rico Nasty, and more. And while it was a strong, cohesive body of work, it was another reminder of how good of a rapper Denzel Curry is.

This week, the rapper slid through to Power 106 for an L.A. Leakers freestyle that he absolutely destroys. The rapper kicks off over Lil Durk’s “AHHH HA” which dives deeper into his competitive spirit in rap. He weaves the production with fierce lyricism while issuing a warning to his competition. “You lookin’ at the future, my n***a, you can’t escape it/ You rather wait for n***as to die to say I’m the greatest,” he raps.

The second beat Denzel tackles is Jeezy’s “I’m Just Sayin.” “I gotta murder everything I’m touchin’, you feel me?” He says before completely obliterating the beat.

Check out the latest installment in L.A. Leakers freestyle series with Denzel Curry below.

Quotable Lyrics
Lookin’ up to the GOATs and no, I’ll never degrade ’em
But didn’t Kobe admire Jordan before he played him?
When Ali was the champ, wasn’t Frazier callin’ to fade him?
You beef the best to be the best, my ultimatum


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