Coi Leray Protects Her Energy On New Single “Involved”

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Coi Leray continues her new music streak with “Involved.”


Coi Leray has received a lot of unnecessary hate over the years. Despite this, she has continued to push through and deliver new music for her adoring fans. Leray has amassed a sizable fanbase and they are more than happy to consume whatever new music she comes out with. For instance, Leray blessed those fans on Friday as she came through with a new pop banger called “Involved.”With this new track, Leray continues to give us melodic vocal lines that showcase her prowess in both the hip-hop and pop space. The song itself is about relationships, flings, and protecting your energy so that you don’t end up hurt in the long run. It’s yet another solid effort from the songstress who continues to remain consistent with her releases.

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Quotable Lyrics:

I promise I never changed
Yeah, I just got more richer, yeah
With my tale with intention, with some days I don’t miss you
I thank god for myself, I swear I’m so grateful


Marathon Continues

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