Central Cee Shoots His Shot At Doja Cat On His New Video

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Central Cee delivers a banger with his new single, “Doja.”


One must wonder whether all of the rappers who’ve publicly thirsted Doja Cat have slid into her DMs.Earlier this year, $NOT caught the singer’s attention after releasing his single, “Doja Cat.” Now, it appears that UK star Central Cee is following suit with the release of his latest single, “Doja.”

The rapper released a snippet for the song earlier this week, which went immediately viral for the opening bars. “How can I be homophobic? My bitch is gay,” he raps at the top of the record. Besides the hilarious bars, the song is an infectious anthem that oozes 2000’s New York swag. “Doja” flips Eve’s “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” and turns it into a drill smash.

Check out the latest from Central Cee below.

Quotable Lyrics
How can I be homophobic? My bitch is gay
Hit man in the top, try see a man topless, even the stick is gay
Huggin’ my bruddas and say that I love them but I don’t swing that way
The mandem celebrate Eid, the trap still runnin’ on Christmas day


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