Busta Rhymes Brings Real East Coast Vibes On “Slap” Ft. Conway & Big Daddy Kane

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Busta Rhymes shares his new single, “Slap” ft. Conway & Big Daddy Kane

Busta Rhymes heard Funk Flex loud and clear before he delivered a brand new record. The New York legend served up his latest single, “Slap” on Friday morning after debuting it on Flex’s show the night prior. The funky East Coast bop brings a healthy dose of nostalgia as he merges the intergenerational talents of Big Daddy Kane and Conway together for this anthem. Bussa Buss is coming in with high energy and animated flows that he became known for throughout his career. The addition of Kane and Conway raises the lyrical bar even higher, though they keep their presence on a calmer tip in comparison.

Busta Rhymes has been largely coasting over the past two years since releasing Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God in 2020. His latest album marked his first in eleven years, and he brought out some heavyweights. Kendrick Lamar, Vybz Kartel, Rick Ross, Chris Rock, and Q-Tip were just a few of the artists attached to the tracklist. Hopefully, “Slap” is an indication that he has more heat coming soon.

Check out his latest song below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
Passed it though, cook you and serve you, like a casserole
And lay you wide on the street and display you, like a fashion show
Sorry, but I have to go, my spitter’s full of rockets
And I’m dumb with all you n***as in quadrilateral boxes
Compatible with toxins, the TEC’s jam electrical


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