BRS Kash Is All About “New Money” On His Latest Single

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BRS Kash drops off a new anthem for the hustlers.


BRS Kash knows how to make an anthem. The rapper’s breakout hit “Throat Baby” turned into one of the biggest hits of 2021 after City Girls and DaBaby hopped on the remix. However, he hasn’t slowed his pace down since the song’s success. He’s continued to deliver banger after banger after the release of Kash Only last year.It seems like he could have a new project on the way after dropping off a handful of records since the beginning of 2022. This week, the rapper delivered a certified anthem for the hustlers with his new single, “New Money.” With production from NileWaves and ZachOnTheTrack, “New Money” is a motivational anthem that’ll make you want to get straight to the bag.

Check the latest from BRS Kash below.

Quotable Lyrics
Ain’t chasing no bitch, I ain’t tryna get laid
I’m chasing that money, I’m tryna get paid
Ain’t feeling your spirit, you need to go save
She owe me some money, my heart full of rage


Marathon Continues

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