Brent Faiyaz Shares “Wasteland” Ft. Drake, Alicia Keys, The Neptunes & Tyler, The Creator

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We haven’t received a project from the singer since his 2020 EP, “F*ck The World.”


It’s been some time since we’re been blessed with a full body of work from Brent Faiyaz, but he has satisfied his fans’ ongoing questions about a new album by dropping Wasteland. The 26-year-old singer had social media talking when he first announced the arrival of this record as people teased that they were ready for more toxic love jams from Faiyaz for their summer playlists. Wasteland is finally on streaming services, and during a recent sit-down with Vogue, Faiyaz spoke about the inspiration behind the record.”I was watching a lot of Tarantino films. I was watching Jackie Brown over and over again,” he said. “I was also watching Vanilla Sky on repeat. I pulled a lot from that. But mostly I was inspired by the different people that I locked in with, from The Dream to Alicia Keys. I was just soaking up game from artists like Raphael Saadiq and No I.D., who have been doing this longer than I have.”

The singer also spoke about what sets him apart from the rest.

“I think honesty is key. As far as how I’m being perceived, I try not to focus on it. I can’t do too much for the simple fact that if I did, I’d drive myself crazy. I just live my own life, and if you f*ck with it, you f*ck with it. If you don’t, you don’t. I can’t really move any other way when it comes to that, which is a lot of what this project is. I just put together what I felt was a good body of work and what I wanted to create and the story I wanted to tell. These are the emotions that I’ve felt during this time, and I’m gonna just give it.”

Wasteland features looks from DrakeAlicia Keys, The NeptunesTyler, The Creator, and more. Stream Brent Faiyaz’s latest and let us know your thoughts.


1. Villain’s Theme
2. Loose Change
3. Gravity ft. Tyler, the Creator
4. Heal Your Heart (Interlude)
5. Skit: Egomaniac
6. All Mine
7. Price of Fame
8. Ghetto Gatsby ft. Alicia Keys
9. Wasting Time ft. Drake and The Neptunes
10. Rolling Stone
11. FYTB ft. Joony
12. Skit: Oblivion
13. Dead Man Walking
14. Addictions ft. Tre’ Amani
15. Role Model
16. Jackie Brown
17. Bad Luck
18. Skit: Wake Up Call
19. Angel



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