Bones Shares His Latest Project “AmericanSweetheart”

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Bones shares his second project of the year, “AmericanSweetheart.”


Bones has remained an underground icon for nearly a decade. The mysterious rapper created a cult following through Soundcloud, way before Soundcloud rap became an official subgenre. He practically created a blueprint for rappers to follow due to his prolific output. These days, he might not be releasing albums every single month but his dedicated fanbase can always rely on Bones to come through with cloudy, lo-fi raps.This week, he returned with his second offering of the year with AmericanSweetheart. Serving as the follow-up to Withered, his latest release boasts 15 songs in total that highlight his expansive tastes and reference points.

Check the latest project from the TeamSESH leader below.

  1. ILoveNewYork
  2. MillionDollarQuestion
  3. Juno
  4. ImALonerDottie,ARebel
  5. CoolHandLuke
  6. CuldesacSounds
  7. HotCoffeeMod
  8. CutYouLoose
  9. 7thGenerationBlunts
  10. MidwesternHospitality
  11. DellGriffith
  12. Playback
  13. IfHeDies,HeDies
  14. PanicButton
  15. ChainMail


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