Bobby Shmurda Releases “BodBoy” EP Ft. Rowdy Rebel & Fat Tony

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Ahead of his anticipated debut album “Ready to Live,” Shmurda delivers some heat.


Much has been said about Bobby Shmurda and when he will finally release his official debut studio album, and although we’ve received a new project, fans will have to wait for that LP. For this New Music Friday (August 5), the New York rapper returns with his nine-track EP BodBoy, a project that is the warm-up for Shmurda’s debut, Ready to Live.We recently chatted with Bobby Shmurda for our digital cover story and he spoke to us about what inspired his upcoming album.

“I come from the slums. [Where] I come from, you see crack. You see drug deals all day,” he said. “Just breathin’, being outside. Love and smiles and being able to call a girl anytime I want. Do what I want and sh*t like that, you know what I’m saying? Go spend a hundred right now. Sh*t like that, just ready to live. Whatever. And it’s gon’ be talking about all the sh*t I did last year.”

BodBoy only hosts two looks from Rowdy Rebel and Fat Tony. Stream the EP and make sure to check out our digital cover story: Bobby Shmurda is Ready To Live.


  1. Whole Brick
  2. From the Slums
  3. Hoochie Daddy
  4. Gorilla
  5. No Sense
  6. Glock Inside ft. Fat Tony
  7. R S N
  8. Bodmon
  9. On God ft. Rowdy Rebel


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