Bobby Shmurda Is Back With “They Don’t Know” Video

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The independent artist goes hard on his latest single.


It has been a celebratory season for Bobby Shmurda now that the rapper has gone independent. He has been living the good life since his release from prison, however, Shmurda has yet to share his official debut album. It was suggested that there were a few hiccups behind the curtain, and soon, Shmurda was complaining that he wasn’t happy with his label situation.The “Hot N*gga” icon even recently told a fan: “Nah F*** that I got major Lables jumping me Blackballing me and sh*ttttt and I’m from the hood young and rich black as sh*ttt and don’t give a about both and they Scare of me and I love that ishhh. I’m only 27 one year fresh Outta six years they got 400 employees tell them boys stop playing me Homieee and I do no marketing that all my sh*t natural ahhhhh #FThemPeople I’m gone.”

Shmurda isn’t letting a little trouble behind the scenes stop him from moving forward and on Friday (April 29), he returned with his new single, “They Don’t Know.” The track arrives with a new music video as well, so stream “They Don’t Know” to see Bobby Shmurda do what he does best.

Quotable Lyrics

I can’t decide if I’ma cheat the b*tch or I’ma leave the b*tch
Looked at my watch and see you freezin’, b*tch
You know I’m still gettin’ rich
I keep a job for every season, b*tch



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