Benny The Butcher & George Clinton Bring The Funk On BLK ODYSSY’s “BENNY’S GOT A GUN”

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BLK ODYSSY taps Benny The Butcher and George Clinton for “BENNY’S GOT A GUN.”


BLK ODYSSY left a strong impression with the release of 2021’s BLK VINTAGE but it appears that they’re keeping the momentum high this year. The group delivered “COMPLEX OF KILLING A MAN” with Baby Rose last week, and now, they’ve returned with their new collaboration alongside Benny The Butcher and George Clinton, “BENNY’S GOT A GUN.” BLK ODYSSY lays down woozy, funky production as they weave through the tale of the effects that gun violence has in inner-city communities.”Benny spent his whole life tired of running. Until the demon glued to his back whispered.. the butchers coming. Then the father of funk descended from the skies. He whispered a sweet hymnal.. to Bennys surprise. Blessed be the black souls ejected from black bodies,” a tweet from BLK ODYSSY’s Twitter announcing the single reads.

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Quotable Lyrics
And all these internet niggas, they be all fun and games
Until I put a rapper on the news just to be entertained
Y’all niggas tote guns out of town and think y’all safe?
I’m from Buffalo, y’all scared to tote them in New York State



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