Ashanti Is Done With Playing Games On “Falling For You”

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It was obvious that something was on the horizon after Ashanti began popping up with new interviews. The songbird is known as an artist that speaks her truth, however, she isn’t a celebrity that shares too much information about her personal life. Aside from her 11-year, public relationship with rapper Nelly, the world isn’t privy to Ashanti’s romances, but Irv Gotti put their ’90s fling on blast earlier this year during his explosive press run.

This week, Ashanti caught up with Angie Martinez and Ebro in the Morning to discuss her recent viral moments. She shared her side of the Irv Gotti story, asserting that many of his claims were flat-out lies. On the heels of those talking points becoming the center of social media conversations, Ashanti returned with her new single, “Falling For You.” The track arrived with a music video that opened with a quote from applauded author Octavia Butler.

“In order to rise from its own ashes a phoenix first must burn,” it read.

The Bleu-produced track’s title suggests that this would be a song about deepening one’s feelings for a lover one admired, but that isn’t what Ashanti delivered. On the track, she tells her (former) significant other that their romance has ended and she’s ready to move on.

Stream Ashanti’s break-up single “Falling For You” and let us know what you think of the visual.

Quotable Lyrics

No more falling for your games
I know you ain’t gon’ change
I ain’t tryna let my guard down
You gotta know I’m still in pain
And it’s driving me insane


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