Alex Vaughn Keeps It Real On R&B Project “The Hurtbook”

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The LVRN/Interscope “it” girl emerges with her debut project.

We highlighted Alex Vaughn earlier this year as an R&B artist to watch, and since that time, she’s been building on her career to what looks to be a bright future. The LVRN/Interscope songbird is back with another release, and now, she’s delivering her debut project, The Hurtbook.

“The project started off as a compilation of thoughts from an old relationship but grew into a quilted map of patterns and events that applied to more than just romance,” the singer said of the record. “It’s about being honest with yourself and how you feel about those changes that are happening. Most importantly it’s a reminder that though these series of events may have hurt you, you are not broken.”

In a time where R&B and its artists are often criticized, Vaughn’s addition shows that within this generation, there are plenty of talented artists. Her vocals are reminiscent of the powerhouses that paved the way, but with a modern twist.

Stream The Hurtbook and let us know what you think of Alex Vaughn’s latest release.


  1. So Be It
  2. Keep That Energy
  3. Mirage
  4. Talkin
  5. Do You Ever
  6. Demon Time
  7. I’m Leaving
  8. No Love (Outro)



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