After An Impressive Debut, Ice Grin Returns With “For The Girls”

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‘Take me to Sodom and Gomorrah, Yesu/ No retreat or surrender for my case oh,’ the breezy and lustful energy that seeps from the record is as exciting as the wind and percussive instruments that bring the song to life. For Ice Grin, it is a candour-filled moment on the just-released “For The Girls,” a mid-tempo bop about his romantic desires and fantasies.


Born Chigozie Olewunne, Ice Grin is among the vanguard of talented newcomers in Nigeria’s music circle. After debuting with his extended play dubbed, Mindset, earlier this year, the young singer bagged a deal with the Brazilian record label, Kondzilla. The singer, who is also based in Brazil, is notable for his lighthearted lyricism and gospels of love and hustle.


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In “For The Girls,” Ice Grin rounds up the year with an impressive finish. In the Nego W-produced jam, Ice Grin continues to drift on youthful themes, creating songs to serenade notable moments that should live on in one’s memories. While For The Girls might seem like a cliche narrative, Ice Grin’s delivery and the soothing aura from the song ups the replay value and enjoyability of this song.


A mood-lifting gem, “For The Girls” is out across streaming platforms here.



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